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Initially planned as a single voice for guild approved information, this page will now serve as an open forum to share how you play your toon! If you have a toon in this class, feel free to share your insight with a comment below.

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  1. Mmrdkm says:

    another usefull tool i happened to come across



  2. Mmrdkm says:

    quick note, in order to max out dps through arp stacking, it would seem advisable to get arp on your gear first, around 800 should do it, before that agi will provide a better boost, on your dps.

    And if you are intent in min maxing said toon, you might as well max your proffesions, BS/JC being the most you could do, yet being extremely expensive with no gathering skill or farming alt. Also truth fully some profs will provide no dps bonus and should be counted against it.

    HereĀ“s a nice guide i happened to find whilst learning about different classes.


    At last i would just like to remind everyone, that stam is in no way an increase in dps, nor is going over the hit cap of 8%, those are just wasted points, that could go towards a more dps oriented stat (ie, sometimes a higher ilvl item is not an upgrade if many of those points en up wasted)

  3. Lakari says:

    Agility gems, and armor pen gems – Survival
    Attack pwr, armor spen – Mark

  4. Ausea says:

    Hunters should stack agility and armor penetration gems, if your survival agility is suggested far more than arp because you have fewer physical abilities. Just remember when you think you have the gear and start switching to armor pen as MM your dps will decrease until you have a quite a bit of it. I suggest hording gems then switching them all out at once.

  5. Haagboy says:

    usually you would want agility over attack power because it gives you extra attack power. So yes attack power is what hunters need…BUT if you have agillity you will get even more attack power for less agility.

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